Whipples Arcade and Redemption Center is among the best in North Phoenix! We have selected more than 40 state of the art games just for YOU! From Skee-ball to Monkey Ball, you can play for high score bragging rights with your friends, or just plain old fun with the family.

Add your initials to the high score leader boards and cash in for prizes. Our game card point system is an easy way to save points until you are ready to visit the redemption center and choose from an assortment of amazing prizes!!!


Ballocity is an ULTIMATE, INDOOR PLAYGROUND. Experience the thrill of blasters, vacuums, fountains and cannons that propel, throw, raise and dump foam balls. Escape through the tube slides, team up with mom, or terrorize your sister or brother!

Laser Tag

Our Tiki themed adventure features a two level arena where you wear a multi-colored LED vest and use a laser beam phaser for tagging friends or foes. Complete the mission with up to 20 friends in our haze-filled black light arena with state of the art lighting and sound system.


Spin Zone
(Bumper Cars)

Calling all drivers at least 36" or taller!

Buckle up and throw out your driver's license… the rules of the road, land, and sea do not apply here! Spin Zone bumper cars spin, bump, make u- turns and change lanes at will. Exciting and thrilling from start to finish!


First of its kind in the Valley, our trampolines have a safety net separating each jumper, reducing the risk of bumps and crashes.

Our single-person use trampolines make it fun and safe! Especially if you are playing by the rules of the game.

  • Flips can be dangerous and not allowed.
  • Remove street shoes & wear socks.
  • Empty your pockets entirely.
  • Walk onto and off the trampolines.
  • Be in control of your body at all times.
  • Follow all Whipples Fun Center rules and posted instructions.

LaZer Frenzy

Navigate strategically through our arcade-style laser maze with lasers, mirrors, haze and effects. Complete the mission by achieving the highest score!

Toddler Time (1).jpg

Toddler Time

Come join us for Toddler Time on Thursday's between 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Kids six and under will be able to have unlimited play in the Ballocity (climbing and play structure) and on the trampoline. There will be limited age appropriate arcade but all other attractions will not be available. Cafe will also be open.

It's a perfect time for those who are intimidated by loud sounds and lights to enjoy Whipples.

$7.95/child, $5.95 for each additional child in the same family.